Are you a fashion-trading professional with an established network of customers?

Are you looking for new product opportunities to increase your sales?

We are looking to establish long-term commitments and sign agency agreements with prospective agents.

Once you book your region, we will give you exclusivity for that region and will provide you with all leads originating from it.

We will not compete with you, but rather work together with you to ensure you provide the best possible prices and quality of the stocks we have in house.

For the moment we are expanding in the following countries/areas:



North-West   |   North-East   |   Central     |    South-East   |    South   |   South-West   |   West 


Aegean Islands   |   Central Greece   |   Crete   |   Epirus   |   Ionian Islands   |   Macedonia   |   Peloponnese   |   Thrace


Ukraine - Contact us for more info.
    Moldova - Contact us for more info.
      Serbia - Contact us for more info.