For brands

We understand that every season fashion brands need to exit €millions of excess inventory without contaminating full-price sales, or damaging the brand’s market.

That’s why we have built a network of multiple sales channels and customers in different territories across Europe and the Middle East, allowing us to offer brands a balanced stock-clearance solution, designed to recover more of the stock value, yet not contaminating their key markets.




The process

Our process in four quick and easy steps


Delivery Bring the stock you desire to sell to our manipulation centre. Product assortment and QC take place.

Product listing
Product listing We will prepare the product to qualify for online sales – product data, photography, marketing materials and place it for sales.

Fulfillment Central delivery or drop shipping – we deliver to our customers or their consumers direct.

Payment Guaranteed payments for your stock and sales analysis to further optimize future sales.


Increase margin, reduce cost


  • No extra fees – revenue share business model;
  • Guaranteed payments;
  • Continuity – constant demand;
  • Eliminate storage and handling costs. Get more for your excess inventory.

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