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Yes, but only if the order hasn’t been shipped yet. Please in case of changes contact us asap so that we can check of we can satisfy your request. Please remember that any changes to your order may result in delays to the estimated delivery date.


Yes, you have the opportunity to return incorrectly despatched, damaged or faulty items defect items within 10 days of receiving your order.

Please contact us in advance. All items within the package should be returned in their original packaging with labels/tags intact - except for items where packaging or labels were not provided.

Make a copy of your original packing receipt highlighting items being returned or exchanged and put it inside your return package/packet.

Alternatively insert a note giving full details of: name on your account; order number; items from given order being returned; address for any exchanges to be sent and relevant refund/exchange instructions.

Packages/packets may be delayed or rejected/not processed if the received package/packet cannot be identified by details provided within the package/packet.

Our returns department will inspect all goods on return and all refund/exchange requests will be processed within 14 working days of receipt of your returned package/packet.

Please retain a valid receipt, including tracking number, in case any parcels are lost in transit.

Any non-delivery cases will not be valid without this receipt. It is your responsibility to open a claim with your selected courier for any packages/packets lost in transit.

Returns of incorrectly despatched, damaged or faulty items defect items may be requested within 10 days of receiving the items.

You will be sent an email with the address of where to send the items to be returned.

No, It is not possible to change your item. As soon as the product gets returned a credit note will be issued.


In the moment we only offer Bank Transfer Payment and Credit Card Payment. We will soon expand our payment methods to other options. If you prefer other payment method, please contact us  

NOTE: The order is confirmed upon receiving your payment. With a bank transfer it usually takes 3 business days. Please send a copy of the bank transfer by email to info@puzzlebrands.com to be sure that we will proceed with your order asap.

Products offered at puzzlebrands.com are already with significant discounts, but for large scale purchases you could contact us to discuss if we could offer you even more preferential conditions.


Standard Delivery by PUZZLE BRANDS:  In this case we will use the shipping company we usually work with and apply our shipping rates. Please note that these are very competitive prices due to the large volume of orders we handle.

I will organize my own pick-up/delivery: In this case you will decide how to pick up your order. Once the order is ready in our warehouse, we will contact you to inform about the order details (number of boxes or pallets and weight).

Please, I want a quotation for pallet shipping: We offer this options only for orders up 1000€. In this case, once the order is ready we will contact you with the price we have negotiate with the transport company for your order and you will accept it or not

Orders are given to the courier within 24/48 hours after receiving your payment.

In Europe delivery times vary based on the final destination: From 3 to 7 working days. Shipment tracking is available using your account in the "My Orders" section after you get a notification that the order has been shipped.

Yes, click on "I will organize my own pick-up/delivery" when completing your order. After receiving your payment, when the order's status is "ready" we will provide all the necessary information for its collection.